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Top Tourist Destination Odisha

Odisha, one of the most beautiful Indian State, has been a religious and spiritual significance for that the state is explored by thousands of devotees across the world every year. Being a home to temples, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, long-stretched coastlines, rich flora and fauna and above all a home to ancient yet amazing traditions and culture, Odisha (Orissa) takes you to the another stage of spirituality, divinity and devotion. As far as tourist attractions are concerned, the Jagannath Temple, Sun Temple in Konark, Dhauli Hills, Ratnagiri and Udayagiri Caves, etc are names a few that witness the religious and spiritual significance of the state of Odisha. In addition, rich traditions, pristine cultures and friendly people add more spark in the popularity of Odisha tourism. Talking more about Odisha, here is the description of the beautiful state.

Tourism in Orissa (Odisha) India is a veritable museum of India's sculptural and artistic heritage and has long been famous to scholars and connoisseurs for the magnificent Sun Temple at Konark (The legendary 'Black Pagoda' of European mariners), for the majestic temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri (renowned for the spectacular Rath Yatra chariot festival), and for the glorious temples of Bhubaneswar. The small but ever-growing number of sophisticated tourists who do manage to find their way to Orissa (Odisha) tourism are generally prepared with some knowledge of these temples, Puri tourism, of the delicate Orissan ikat textiles which have been become famous throughout the world, and, perhaps, of the beaches at Puri and Gopalpur on sea.