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Konark Tourism

Konark is a well-known tourist destination that tourist love the most to visit and spend time. Konark is too famous because of the great Sun Temple situated here. The Konark Sun temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; also it featured on the list of Seven Wonders of India. It's the major tourist attraction in Odisha. As this temple is very nearer to capital city Bhubaneswar just 65 km distance and from another popular tourist destination Puri that is just 35 km away, so most of the tourist those Visit Konark, Puri or Bhubaneswar they like to book a package deal in which they explore various popular tourist destinations of Odisha in less budget. Most of the Hotels in Konark make available bus facilities for their guests for Konark Sun Temple Visit.

If you thought erotic sculpture adorn the temple walls only in Khajuraho, Konark would prove you wrong. The Sun temple of Konark is no less than 700years old and is hazed in myths and legends. The temple resembles the mythical chariot of the Sun God. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site. It is a wonderful evidence of ancient Indian architecture where the language of stone defeats the language of man. Come to Konark during the Konark Festival every winter when the temple reverberates with the sound of ghungroos of famous dancers from all over India.

Konark derives its name from Konarka (presiding deity of the Sun temple) and is a combination of 'Kona' meaning corner and 'Arka' meaning sun. Konark with its serene ambience, majestic seashore and the heritage sites is regarded as an ideal regarded as an ideal holiday destination. Konark is almost synonymous with the famous Konark Dance Festival which is the most popular festival in Konark.The three-day cultural extravaganza, held every year in the month of December, captivates the audience as leading Indian exponents of various Indian classical dance forms and folk dances. The best way to enjoy shopping in Konark would be a leisurely stroll through the markets of the city of Konark. Konark is famous for the exquisitely carved images of Hindu Gods and decorative items made of stone, horn and woodcarvings.