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Sahibganj Tourism

Sahibganj is one of the prominent and beautiful locations in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is based on the backdrop of peaceful and tranquil environment bordered by majestic hills. Popular as an important tourist destination of the state, Sahibganj attract thousands of visitors every year from several part of Jharkhand and Bihar. The major attraction of Sahibganj is its unlimited natural extravaganza, archeological beauty, religious shrines and historical places that entertain every visitor in the best way possible. Some of the best places to visit in Sahibganj are listed below.
Sahibganj or Sahebganj rests on the southern bank of the River Ganges in the north eastern region of Rajmahal subdivision of Jharkhand. It is a place where time stands still. The town has some historical significance. From the notes of Megasthenes to the decisive battle of Sher Shah and Humayun, from the Santhal Rebellion of 1855 to the Freedom of India, Sahibganj has played a very crucial role. Here the ancient royal palaces with the riches are full of dirt and the landscape is dotted with twin lakes, bird sanctuaries and the mighty Ganges. Moreover, the exotic landscape of the region features plenty of fossil remains of flora preserved as casts, impression and petrifaction.