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Mysore Tourism

Mysore Tourist Places offers a variety of attractions. Over the years Mysore city as attracted tourists from all over the world, to see the splendor of the city of Mysore. Tourist attractions includes prehistoric sites, monuments, museums, forts, temples, mosques, churches and zoo. Historic city of Mysore is famed for its magnificent palaces and majestic buildings, sprawling gardens and tree lined boulevards, simmering Silks and Sandalwood, Handicrafts and the fabulous Mysore Dasara FESTIVAL. This list of articles as brief details about Mysore tourism, Mysore attractions and Mysore tourist places. You could find full information about Mysore sightseeing and places to visit in Mysore by clicking read more button below brief description of tourist places to visit in Mysore, hope this will help you to plan your trip to Mysore city.

In spite of imbibing of modern developments like any other city, Mysore still hasn’t lost touch with its history. The royal touch is still apparent in its atmosphere. Equally interesting is the religious significance of the city, which can be seen in the name Mysore, which is said to have come from the “Mahishur” which means the home of Mahishasura. Mysore Tourism presents a wide array of holidaying choices with something interesting for everyone. Presenting excellent architectures, historical sites, shrines and scenic beauty, it is ideal for everyone varying from couples on their honeymoon, family tour, corporate tour or a last minute travel tour plan with friends. The city of Mysore offer many interesting ways to spend your holiday.