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Bangalore was christened the Garden City of India. Well groomed men and women in business attire seated next to scraggy-haired youths headbanging at a bars and clubs, sums up the melting pot ethos that is Bangalore. Though initially was not considered one of the metropolitan cities with the likes of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, Bangalore has grown and developed quickly into a cosmopolitan city. The local language of Bangalore is Kannada. Most locals will also speak in English, which is the predominate language in Bangalore. Hindi is also spoken, but not much used as a spoken language. Bangalore Tourism is not catered to only a particular set of tourists but I fit for everyone with varying interests and differing ideas of holidaying.
Bangalore city is rightly called as the Garden City with a wide array of parks and garden which are spread all over the city increasing the beauty of the city. Not just this, the city has been adorned with many interesting yet suitable names. Pub City, Shopper's Hot Spot, Silicon Valley, Shopper's Paradise, Pub Hopper's Paradise, Gourmet's Delight, Air-conditioned City, etc are a few other names of which Bangalore Tourism has been awarded with. A tour to the city of Bangalore will show you the relevance of each of its name! Bangalore city tour from Bangalore Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA presents you with a wide range of entertaining choices which range from lively nightlife to fun filled amusement parks to beautiful lakes to glittery buildings to captivating monuments and temples. Often called as the air conditioned city, Bangalore boasts of a pleasant weather throughout the year and thus you can plan Bangalore tour at any time of the year. Be in summer or winter, you can visit this city whenever you want without having to worry about the climatic conditions.