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Badami Tourism

The architectural beauty of Badami in the form of breathtaking rock-cut temples and other structural temples has earned accolades. Badami is famous the world over for its attractions. It is a historic town located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. During the ancient times it was the royal capital of the Badami Chalukyas from the period between 540 AD to 757 AD. Badami got its name from the legend of Batapi, a demon killed by the sage Agastya.
Travellers throng the place through the year to visit the unbelievable human feats of Badami, the many amazing rock cut temples and their exquisite architecture. The Badami Fort also draws a great number of tourists, as do the number of ancient inscriptions in the area that bear witness to the terrain's long historical heritage. Badami, because of its cliffs and overhangs, also attracts many climbers, both professional and amateurs. The town, with the many Puranic myths attached to it and its obviously rich cultural heritage, has become very popular with all kinds of tourists from various countries.