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Golkonda Fort

Golconda Fort is one of the grandest forts of India. Built around 12th and 16th Century by various Qutub Shahi rulers, this fort has a rich history that is almost 400 years old. It is definitely a place worth visiting in case you are traveling to the south of India. One can see the elegance and grandeur of the Nawabi culture on visiting the famous Golkunda Fort of Andhra Pradesh. A tour around the fort would leave you absolutely mesmerized and you would be completely bowled over by the sheer magnitude of the fort.

The Golconda fort is a fine example of magnificent architecture. The fort was renowned for its diamond trade and it is said that the world famous "Kohinoor" diamond was found here. The architecture of the fort is such that a mere clap at the entrance could be used as a distress signal thus alerting others of any unseen dangers. The technique that was used was of advanced acoustics. The clever architectural plan also allowed uninterrupted supply of water throughout the year. The fort had sprawling gardens and dancing fountains, which are now in ruins.

The Golconda fort has a distinctive Kakatiya architecture which was constructed on a 120 meter high granite hill encompassing enormous bastions and battlements. Golconda rose to prominence under the Bahmani rule and was later expanded by the Qutub Shahi emperors. The fort was seized and destructed by the Mughal king Aurangzeb. Golconda was once the heart of diamond businesses and had a thriving market of gems and jewellery items.
The astonishing acoustics of the fort can be unearthed by tourists which is why almost everyone who comes to the fort claps. The clap on the portico could be heard almost a kilometer away at the Bala Hisar pavilion. It was so fabricated that the chief of the army could know what the sentinels were doing.

A visit to the splendid fort which is also cited as a World heritage site by the UNESCO is complete without experiencing the mesmerizing light and sound show. The vibrant laser lights together with the historical tales of the marvellous past of the fort are enough to captivate the audience. The breathtaking show describing how the fort stood the testament of time is a must watch for those who visit the Golconda fort.