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Yuksom Tourism

Yuksom, located at a distance of 124km from Gangtok in the western Sikkim is the first capital of Sikkim.Founded in 1641 AD, Yuksom is the former capital of Sikkim where the first Dharma King was crowned by three wise monks from Tibet. With the astounding view of Mt Kabrue, Yuksom still has the charm of the historic era. Yuksom is one of the four religious sites blessed by Guru Padmasambava, which are considered to be the four plexuses of the human body, and Yuksom symbolically represents the ‘third eye’. Yuksom is the entry point of Kanchenjunga National Park which made Yuksom the base for the trekkers from around the globe. Although Yuksom is a favored trekkers’ destination it is still left untainted by the influence of modernization making it a sojourn for travelers longing for solitude.

Perched at an altitude of 1780mt, Yuksom is a picturesque town with historical significance, it is said that Yuksom is the birth place of Sikkim. Enclosed by the daunting mountains and endowed with the abundance of flora and fauna, Yuksom has enthralled the minds of many trekkers and travelers with its mystic beauty. The daunting hills bounding Yuksom are dotted with astounding trekking routes, Dzongri Goecha La trek and Kanchenjunga trek being the famous one. Yuksom Dzongri Goecha La trek is one of the high altitude and famous trekking routes in Sikkim.
A trek through the thick forest on an unpaved trail towards the base ground of the third highest mountain peak Mt Kanchenjunga has made Yuksom a favored destination for the trekkers around the globe. Sited close to Kanchenjunga National Park, Yuksom flourishes in natural beauty but there is more to just dense forested area. Yuksom has some historical monuments and building which shows the glimpse of the tradition and culture in Yuksom during the early days. Trekking trail sprawled around Yuksom leads travelers to those decades old destination. Built in 1701 AD, Dubdi Monastery sited close to the sacred Kathog lake is one of the oldest monasteries of Sikkim located on a hill top above Yuksom. It takes around 45 minutes hike through the lush forests of rhododendron and oaks to reach the monastery. This forest walk is one of the finest experiences you can have in Sikkim.