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Vadodara Tourism

Vadodara City is also known as cultural capital of Gujarat. The city has a cosmopolitan mixture of Indian nationals as well as that of Non Resident Indians with various tourists visiting this city. The major residents of this City happen to be from the native land of Gujarat and speak Gujarati. Being a multicultural mix the city has people who are generally found to be able to speak Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi as well as English. Most people are easily able to speak passable English, and in certain areas you will meet people that are fluent in English. Vadodara is built across the bank of Vishwamitri River. The east part of city is old city and the west part of city beyond the Vadodara Railway Station is recent and modern parts of the city.

Vadodara was ruled by the Chalukya dynasty, followed by the Solankis, the Vaghelas and the Sultans of Delhi and Gujarat. The Maratha general, Pilaji Gaekwad, is the one who developed this area and commenced the modern era of Vadodara's history. Before him the Babi Nawabs also contributed to the development of Vadodara. The reign of Maharaja Sayajirao III is considered as the Golden Era of Vadodara, as the city witnessed the most significant developments and social-economic reforms that were very progressive in the context of the time of implementation. The city of Vadodara was called the Sanskari Nagari or the City of Culture because of his unprecedented patronage of culture.