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Rajkot Tourism

Rajkot is famous as the capital of the former state of Saurashtra. Rajkot, though no more a capital, has always had a glorious past and still is a favourite tourist spot due to the historic remains from the British era and the hospitality of the Rajkot people. It is also the dwelling place of Mahatma Gandhi. He has a family residence here. Tourists can visit the place. Founded in the 19th century, the famous and much respected Rajkumar College is considered to be counted amongst one of the finest private educational institution till date. While roaming on the roads, one can catch glimpses of the joyful and vivacious dwellers of Rajkot. One can see people engaged in earning their livelihood in the business of making of machine tools and auto mobile parts and also relaxing infront of the Galaxy Cinema and relishing the mouthwatering street food in front of the cinema and playing a game of cricket on the playgrounds.
The name given to Rajkot ‘Rangilo Rajkot’ is well earned because of the vibrancy in every aspect of the city. On the bed of the River Aji and Nirari, the city of Rajkot is situated on a wide stretched land. It is a booming business centre. Broad roads and quite interesting building designs can be seen in Rajkot. The city of Rajkot is considered to be a intriguing assortment of the present day and old day customs and traditions, which attracts people to visit this place.