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Top Tourist Destination Tripura

Tripura, a northeast Indian state, is a beautiful landlocked region with a number of hill ranges intervening valleys in its north-south, and plain in the west. Possessing a total of 10,491 sq km (4,051 sq mile) of area, the third smallest state in India was a princely state during the British rule. Enclosed by Bangladesh on the north, south and west, the state also borders Assam and Mizoram in its east. Modern Tripura was part of an independent Tripuri kingdom that reigned here for many centuries. Tripura is famous among tourists for its unique culture, beautiful landscapes amidst the gorgeous Himalayan ranges and varies.

Tourism of Tripura is enticing as it offers various tourist attractions that lure the tourists to explore the natural beauty of this region. Some of the famous attractions of Tripura are Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, Neermahal or Lake Palace, Mata Tripureswari temple, Bhavaneswari Temple, artificial lakes like Dumboor Lake, Rudrasagar, Amarsagar, Kalyan Sagar, etc., wildlife sanctuaries and evergreen landscape. The famous tourist places of Tripura are Agartala, Deotamura, Kumarghat, Pilak, Udaipur, Unakoti Tirtha, Rabindra Kanan, State Museum, Pilak & Venuban Vihara, Unakoti, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Jampui Hill, Regal Beauty, divinity of Tripura, Jampui Hill, Wildlife Tresures, Hisoric Unakoti and Atharamura Range etc.