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Agartala Tourism

Agartala is the capital city of the Indian state of Tripura. One can observe a rich assortment of cultures in Agartala, owing to the fact that it is located very near to the border between India and Bangladesh. The western portion of the state of Tripura houses the city of Agartala. The distance between Kolkata and Agartala is 1680 Kms.
Tripura tourism has been always been a real pasion for many tourists across the world. Richly endowed with the bouties of nature, Tripura is considered as the the ‘Queen of Hills’. With the landscape dotted with lush greenery hills and tranquil water bodies Tripura has been one of the best spots for tourism. Tripura tourism is probably the best option for the tourists from all corners of India and many parts of the world, who are looking for the right place where they can find themselves amidst the nature and absolute peacefulness. Moreover, Tripura, shares the pride of being a place for religious tourism, having the historical temple of ‘Mata Kamaleshwari’ in Kamalasagar, which is only thirty five kms southwest to Agartala.