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Dumboor Lake

Dumboor with a water area of 41 square kilometers, with an unending spell of luxuriant green vegetation all around stands majestic for her exceedingly charming beauty and hold a great appeal for tourists out for day in the great outdoors. There are 48 islands dotting the lake, which is home to numerous birds o all shapes and colours. Migratory birds, water sport facilities including boating facility and variety of wildlife are an additional attraction. The lake also acquires a rich reservoir of natural fishes. This is also the place which is near to the Tirthamukh Pilgrim Centre and where Poush Makar Sankranti Fair is held each year.

Dumboor Lake is a charming water body located in Amarpur Sub Division 120 Km. away from Agartala. The look of the lake is like tabour shaped small drum, "Dumboor" of Lord Shiva from which the name "Dumboor" originates. Dumboor Lake does not have any boundary. Being at a distance from the city lights, a number of Migratory Birds flock here in the winter season. Dumboor Lake is one of the best places for Bird Watching. Various species of migratory birds are visible in the winter and it has rich reservoir of natural and cultured fishes. Water sports facilities are additional attraction. There is a major Hydel Project near the lake from where River Gomati originates and this is called Tirthamukh where on 14th January every year famous ‘Pous Sankranti Mela’ takes place. The lake is the confluence of rivers Raima and Sarma.
Situated amidst picturesque hills packed with vegetation, the Dumboor Lake is a perfect holiday destination to take a tour; it is one of the major attractions of Tripura, India. The lake also acquires a rich reservoir of natural and cultured fishes.