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Top Tourist Destination Assam

Assam is situated at the entryway of Northeast India, Assam is isolated by Bangladesh from mainstream India. Assam has an one of a kind scene with sprawling tea gardens and unending extends of paddy fields mixed with forests of coconut, areca nuts, and banana trees. Its populace is a conjunction of floods of distinctive races and tribes like the Negroids, Austrics, the Aryans, Indo-Tibetans, Indo-Burmese and Mongoloid. They have improved one another and have advanced to give an unmistakable character to the Assamese people. Assam can be comprehensively isolated into three particular physical units, the Brahmaputra Valley in the north, Barak Valley in the thin projecting south, and at last the state's sloping area isolating the two valleys. The Assam State Zoo is situates very close to the city's heart. Assam has several tourist destinations and is well connected by all sorts of transportation services. This place is very popular for the unique destination it has.
Assam the gateway to northeast frontiers of India is well known for its natural beauty. The state with so many lofty blue hills is also widely known for its flora and fauna, its rich culture and the mighty Brahmaputra river. Rich history, beautiful landscapes, greenish surrounding, pleasant weather etc are some of the reasons that attracts local as well as foreign tourists to the state.