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Sivasagar Tourism

Sivasagar was once the capital of the Ahom Kings. The Shans who came from Thailand through Northern Myanmar to this area in early 13th century, ruled for 600 years. The Siva Temple, built by the Ahoms, situated here is believed to be the tallest of all existing Hindu temples. The ruins of the Ahom palaces and monuments dot the landscape around this historical town. Centuries, before the arrival of the British, this part of the world was controlled by a number of tribal chieftains.
It is one of the popular cities in Assam, It is also known as Shivsagar. It is multicultural and multi heritage city and well renowned for its monuments which are belongs to Ahom King. There are several interesting places in and around the Sibsagar. The famous water tank called Bhorpukhuri which is an elevated spot and higher than other regions of the city. One can find three temples in the very same region. One can even find an amphitheater called Rang Ghar which resembles a boat. Ahom museum is another good place to get an insight of rich history and Kareng Ghar is another tourist attraction in Sibsagar.