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Dibrugarh Tourism

Dibrugarh is situated at the northern most tip of Assam. Lush and green tea plantations set the backdrop for this small town. Situated along the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra, Dibrugarh is one of oldest and most important cities in Assam. Dibrugarh is gradually gaining importance as a tourist destination. The city is blessed with a plethora of tea plantations and estates, some of which date back to the British era. Dibrugarh also houses the famous Tilinga Mandir, known as the temple of many bells and the Aye Than, which is a traditional Assamese temple. One could visit the Namdapha National Park, 160 km away, for an exotic variety of fauna and flora. And for the history buffs, there are the four airfields located in the tea city waiting to be explored.
It is a famous city and well renowned for wild life sanctuary. The proud city is located in Assam on the banks of river Brahmaputra. The city is also serves as an entry point to Tea district of Assam. The bamboo and wood works are the most famous features of Dibrugarh. One can find numerous tea gardens throughout the region. These gardens are date back to the British period. The fore most attraction is Namdapha national park which is around 160km from city center. It is the largest protected forest area. It houses several wildlife species and it also serves as homage for countless varieties of flora. This is also the place for the people who have the passion in history. There are four airfields located here which are date back to World War II. Driving through the tea estates is the fun filled activity. One must get a prior permission from owners to enjoy the trip inside the tea estates. Dibru is indeed an interesting tourist destination to enjoy peaceful holidays.