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Tamenglong Tourism

Tamenglong is all hills, valleys and ranges. The beautiful district of Tamenglong is one of the nine districts of Manipur. Tamenglong is a marvellous district full of natural and cultural diversity. Home to rare orchids, virgin forests, rare species of birds and animals, Tamenglong is also known as the Land of the Hornbill. Tamenglong is situated in the west of Manipur and is bounded by Senapati district in the east and north, Churachandpur in the south and Imphal West and some parts of Assam in the west. According to the 2011 census, Tamenglong is the least populous district of Manipur.

Owing to the orogenic movement during the time period of Cretaceous and Eocene, this region was constructed. The rocks that are found here are mostly sandstone, shale and schist. During the monsoon time, this region is very much prone to landslides due to the delicate characteristics of the rocks and the steep slope of the hills. The terrain of the entire region is rising and falling. All the spectacular characteristics of an undulating landscape are present within this small region. One can get mesmerized with the tumultuous waters, the boisterous waterfalls, the shadowy caves, the magical wild lakes, numerous rocks forming various intriguing shapes, the encircling dense plush green forests and many more wonderful elements of nature. Much of the parts of this region are still untouched.

Many a historical locations are present in and around Tamenglong. Zeilad, Inroujei, Guiphuapjei and Napsaemjei are the names of the four numbers of lakes that are present here. At a distance of 2 Kms from this place, the Barak Waterfall is situated. One should definitely go and visit the lakes as well as the waterfall.