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Chandel Tourism

Chandel, also known as Lamka is tiny, but a scenic district in the North-Eastern state of Manipur. It is one of the main nine districts in the state and also the second least populous of all. Situated along the lines of the international border separating India and Myanmar, it has come to be known as Gateway to Myanmar. It lies about 64 kms away from Imphal, with NH-39 passing through. It’s famous for being home to more than 20 native tribes. Chandel is a wisp of culture and traditions, given the huge number of tribes that live here. Each tribe offers a unique identity to the area, where colours of their cultures are blown out in all directions. Travelers visiting Chandel can soak in the alluring art forms along with sprightly music and dance.
On 13th of May of the year 1974, the formation of the Chandel District of the Indian state of Manipur took place. This district is situated in Manipur’s south-eastern portion. The international border of the country Myanmar is present on the south of Chandel. Numerous numbers of communities dwell in Chandel; approximately 20 tribal groups. Anal, Lamkang, Kukis, Moyon, Monsang, Chothe, Thadou, Paite, Maring etc are the names of the different tribes that inhabit this place. Other social groups such as the Meiteis and Muslims also dwell here.