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Ludhian Tourism

Ludhiana is one of the most important towns of Punjab, an important state of North India, and is the industrial capital of the state. It is renowned all over the world for its excellent hosiery and woolen garments industry. This city has strong historical connections and is also home to some of the finest Gurudwaras and other sacred shrines. Ludhiana is an indispensable stopover for the tourist who is on his tour of Punjab. There are many places to visit in Ludhiana, and you will surely like the culture and warm hospitality of the people. Before you embark on a trip to this place, the necessary information about Ludhiana will certainly be of great help to the tourists.

Ludhiana has a rich history, which makes it a tourism hot spot. The Punjab government has recently been giving more emphasis to tourism. In fact, a whopping Rs. 250 crores has been spent through the Ludhiana Tourism Project. As per available statistics, 3.3 million visitors (domestic as well as international) visited this historical and happening place last year. A nationwide campaign called "Atithi Devo Bhavah" (meaning Guests are our God, in keeping with Indian traditional values) has given impetus to tourism. This initiative has led to sensitization of people towards various aspects of Indian tourism. In fact, tourism in Ludhiana has received a big boost from this campaign as it led to an increase of tourists here.

According to latest figures available from the Punjab Tourism website, the number of foreign tourists visiting Punjab has increased from a mere 110,404 in 2009 to 150,958 in 2011. In fact, there has been a phenomenal increase in domestic tourists too. It increased from 5,369,995 to 16,416,638 during the same period. A large section of these tourists visited Ludhiana. In fact, this place has become one of the essentials in the itineraries of tourists visiting North India, especially Punjab.