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Bathinda Tourism

Bathinda is one of the most popular and oldest cities in Punjab. It lies in the heart of the Malwa Region. This city has been named after Bhati Rajput kings, who ruled Punjab during the 6th century. Due to its rich culture and heritage many tourists from India and abroad opt for Bathinda tourism.
Bathinda is one of the historical towns of India. It is one of the fashionable visited tourist centres in Punjab. It is renowned for its historical & religious significance. Bathinda is positioned at an altitude of 210 meters & Cartographic co-ordinates are 30.20°N 74.95°E, in the Malwa (Southern Punjab) region. Nevertheless, present Bathinda was established by Bala Rao Bhatti son of Bal Band, who ruled Punjab in 336 Vikrmi Samat & named this city as a Bathinda after his individuality name. As per Khalifa Muhammad Hassan, who is the author of history of Patiala. He revealed that its ancient name was Bikramgarh.
There is authenticity of human habitat & development of townships going back to 7000 BC in & surrounding areas of Bathinda. In recent times the town was inhibited by Maharaja Ala Singh (approx. 1754 AD) & In that of it followed the history of erstwhile princely state of Patiala. With the radiance of merger of Patiala & East Punjab States into a division at PEPSU. Bathinda is also connected with the Guru Gobind Singh ji (Tenth Guru of Sikh’s) who fought against Muguals. In addition to this, it is also enclosed with the detention of first women emperor of India, Razia Sultan in 1239 in the fort of Qila Mubarak.Bathinda is an educational hub in the region & It is also renowned for the contribution of agricultural market, Great producer of cotton, hand-loom weaving & Thermal Plants.