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Kohima Tourism

Kohima, a city which is not just explicit for its pretty landscapes but for its brave memory of headstrong battles and conflict. A quiet, detached, self-governing society it was unaware of the worldly wars for power until 1840, when the British came waltzing along to conquer this hilly gem. It took the British around 40 years to overcome the unbendable conflict that came from the courageous Nagas. Kohima in the north eastern part of India is a vibrant and picturesque place.

Kohima a divine location which is spectacularly spread across the north-eastern region of India definitely passes his mind. Being the capital of Nagaland, this cozy place with lush green canopy provides breathtaking vision of the encompassing lofty peaks. This glamorous paradise is mostly populated by the courageous Naga tribes, who are greatly praised for their fearless and heroic attitude.

Besides being a nature lovers’ paradise this place also has a great historic significance. This site witnessed the bloodiest World War II which took place between the British and Japanese in 1944. A cemetery has been constructed in memory of the brave soldiers who gave up their lives in this fierce battle. This city which is culturally alive and popular for its handicrafts, shawls, tribal dances and their vibrant dresses and ornaments should not be missed for anything. Kohima is a veritable cornucopia of Nature's bounty; a lavish feast that's sure to fill up your senses.