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Kachari Tourism

Kachari Ruins or The Dimasa Kachari Ruins is located in the town of Dimapur in Nagaland. The ruins are a series of mushroom domed pillars that were created by the Dimasa Kachari Kingdoms that ruled before the Ahom invasion during the 13th century. The purpose and origin of the pillars are mysterious; few of the pillars stand in full glory while others are crumbled down.It is also believed that a game similar to that of chess was played here with the mushroom shaped dooms. It is a glory of the North East and the tourism department of Nagaland.

The Kachari ruins are famous for the presence of the Aryan structured pillars of mushroom shape or mushroom dome. The history tells that the mushroom domes were built by the reigning royalty of Nagaland in 13th century CE. The kingships of Dimasa Kachari are given the accolade for constructing these unique mushroom domes at that time. The dome pillars that are found today are the remnants of the once vigorous figure because the Ahom invasion left these sculptural brilliances into rubbles.

Though it is said to be the creation of Dimasa Kachari, still the origin and reason for the existence of these mushroom dome pillars are shrouded in deep dark mysteries. It is believed that the structures are a symbol of Aryan civilization that flourished in the deep recesses of the north eastern part of the wealthy Indian sub continental Aryan civilization. Many may find the structures of different wild animals and deities of Aryan origin in the sculptures of the mushroom domes. The layouted scattering of the pillar statures on the lustrous green field presents the illusion of a chequered chess board, where the mushroom domes are the pieces. Until recent intervention from the government, the ruins were in tatters by local vandalism and caused almost total devastating of the archaeological existence. The mammoth pillars are now reinforced with iron railings for better preservation and the shadows of the lost antiquity are still spreading of these pillars.