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Javari Temple

Down the path frm the Bramha Temples and situated to the east, in the middle of afeild, is the small platform on which thi temple stands. The name Javari is derived from the one time owner of the land, or so it is assumed, for there is no hindu deity bearing this title. The temple is diminutive and its proportions are attractive, measuring 11.88 meters in length and 6.4 meters in breath. The temple, though substantially renovated, has the characterstic exterior walls lined with bands of sculptures, niches on the cardinal points, but all in miniature form. The dainty roof over the porch grows to meet the pyramidal mandap roof and this leads the eye to the elegant shikhara above the sanctum.
Architecturally, it is a small yet beautiful nirandhara temple that comprises a sanctum, mandapa, portico and vestibule. The temple consists of a long porch entered through a nice stone toran. The makara - toran has four decorated loops crowned by a kirtimukha. The mandapa is small as is the Garbhagriha. The interior of the Javari Temple is covered with exquisite sculptures. This structure is similar in style to the Chaturbhuj Temple.
The sanctum of Javari Temple contains a four armed idol of Lord Vishnu, though it is now broken and headless. The entrance gate of sanctum has sculptures depicting navagraha on the top. Along with navagrahas, sculptures of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are also seen. The temple has two bands of sculpture on the outer wall. The various sculptures on the walls of the temples depict men and women in various postures.