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Indian Wedding Tour Packages

Indian Wedding Tour Packages is becoming popular as more and more foreigners are taking interest in the grand wedding functions held in India. These traditions and rituals of India reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country. The wedding tourism in India is gaining popularity due to the distinctive celebrations and religious ceremonies that are held in the course of a wedding. Marriages in India are not just coming together of two individuals and exchange of vows and rings, but it marks the bonding of two souls, two families, their culture and their communities. According to the Hindu, philosophy marriage is not just a process of coming together of the individuals but it is a holy bond and a commitment which lasts a lifetime.The traditional Indian wedding ceremony is a very complex one with an abundance of rituals. The shades of a marriage ceremony varied greatly due to factors like region and language. The modern couples often makeup custom weddings and thus highlight the meaningful and special traditions of their Indian heritage.In a Hindu wedding, the main day function involves a compilation of various rituals, which are performed by the bride, bridegroom and their parents and close relatives. The Brahmin or priest in the presence of the family members and relatives provides directions and guidance to those partaking in the rituals.The day that you get married should be a day that you remember for the rest of your life. From the hymns and verses about marriage in the Vedas, we learn that mature individuals were considered ready for marriage after puberty. In subsequent times, however, brides were married even in childhood, perhaps due to a series of foreign invasions in North India.