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Ashtamudi Tourism

The Ashtamudi Lake (in native language - Ashtamudi Kayal) is the second largest wetland ecosystem in Kerala. The term Ashtamudi, deriving from two Sanskrit words - 'Ashta' and 'Mudi' with meaning 'eight' and 'cone' respectively, gets the literal meaning "Eight Coned." For its name, the palm-shaped Ashtamudi Lake, however, owes a lot to its topography blessed with the Kallada river and its three tributaries viz. Chenthurnipuzha, Kalthuruthipuzha and Kulathupuzha. The lake being a confluence of these three tributaries is rightly called the gateway to the Kerala backwaters.
Kollam is a pleasurable place to visit throughout the year. Temperature in this area fluctuates between 25.5 °C and 27.5 °C. Humidity is very high during April-May. Weather during December and January is relatively cool. Major festivals are celebrated during the months of April to November. Therefore April to November is considered as the best time to visit Ashtamudi and to celebrate the moments with enchanting waters of Ashtamudi. Monsoon season extends from June to September. A visit during monsoon can provide an opportunity to witness a rare post monsoon marine phenomenon known as “Chakkara” due increase in backwater levels.

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