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Pune Tourism

Pune is in Maharashtra, India. It is second largest city in the state and is considered the state's cultural capital. The city contains the headquarters of an administrative division officially known as the Pune division. The large student population in the city makes for a lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Pune also houses fantastic restaurants, good museums and is well known for its surrounding hill forts which offer panoramic bird's-eye views.
The city of Pune, located about 170 km from Mumbai, is the second largest city of the State of Maharashtra and is regarded as the cultural capital of the state. The city has witnessed some important historical events like the Anglo-Maratha War, Battle of Khadki etc., and was home to some great people like Shivaji and Tilak. Residing in a realm of picturesque milieus, it also offers a fantastic view of vibrant nature. It has often been called the "Queen of the Deccan" and provides an entryway to the famous hill stations of Maharashtra. It was a land of many historical dynasties, which left their imprints in the form of tombs and monuments that stand as architectural wonders even today.
Pune is also recognized for its educational institutions and has been considered "The Oxford of the East". Now, this city is in a fast-pace growth phase, turning into one of the major IT hubs. Many MNCs and big automobile units have burgeoned throughout the city within a short span of time. Moreover, Pune is among the top most expensive cities in India.