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Lunglei Tourism

Lunglei is a town situated in the south-central part of Mizoram state, northeastern India. Lunglei, literally meaning 'bridge of rock' got its name from a bridge like rock found in the riverine area around Nghasih - a small tributary of the river Tlawng. It is the second largest town after the capital, Aizawl, located 165 km (102 miles) south of Aizawl. Lunglei was the Capital of South Lushai Hill
This town is situated in the southern part of the state of Mizoram, and got its name after the actual bridge like rock found here. The area does not have many typical tourist attractions but the natural beauty, cool weather, scenic views make up for their absence restore it as a popular tourist destination. The town is also well known since it is close to the city of Aizawl.

The word ‘Lunglei’ stands for the phrase, “A bridge made of rock”. The reason for the name is the fact that a large rock is present right in the heart of the river and thus, the rocks functions as a bridge. Among all the places of India, Lunglei has the record of having the maximum amount of precipitation. Lunglei contains spectacular meadows and also some breathtaking hilly landscapes. The population of this place is also one of the highest in the entire Mizoram region. One can witness some unique cultures in this place. Most of the dwellers of the town follow Buddhism. Numerous people from Nepal and Bangladesh have migrated here in the past years for living a good life.