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Chandigarh Tourism

Chandigarh is modern India’s first planned city and has the distinction of being the administrative capital of both Punjab and Haryana, as well as, a union territory in its own right. It derives its name from the temple of goddess Chandi, and was commissioned by Pandit Nehru to reflect India’s progressive outlook. Designed by French urban planner, Le Corbusier, in the 1950s, it is located in the foothills of the Shivaliks. Chandigarh, also called the City Beautiful, because of its many parks and gardens, is a popular destination for tourists, and forms the gateway to Himachal Pradesh. While the wetland area around Sukhna Lake is sought after by both aquatic sports lovers and migratory birds, it is Nek Chand’s Rock Garden that remains the top draw of Chandigarh. Peopled by figures of birds, animals, men and women, and dotted with waterfalls, tunnels and canyons, it has been created entirely out of industrial waste.
Chandigarh is a modern and one of the youngest cities in India built and planned after independence. Tourist attractions in Chandigarh do not lie in ancient historical monuments. Chandigarh boasts of its amazing architecture and landscape that is undoubtedly a treat to eyes. The brilliance of modern architecture has created a quite a few tourist attractions in Chandigarh. Chandigarh stands aloof at the foothills the Shivalik ranges. Landscaped green patches and tree-lined boulevard compliment the neat rectilinear residential quarters.

Any tour of Chandigarh needs to begin with the beautiful Sukhna Lake. A huge water body that is entirely manmade, Sukhna Lake is nestled amidst the foothills of the Shivaliks and is one of the best places you can go to wind down and relax. You can go for a boat or shikara ride at the lake, or just take a relaxing walk on the jogging track, where you will often find yourself joined by locals of the city. Chandigarh has quite a few places for nature lovers to visit, including the Rock Garden, and the Leisure Valley & Rose Garden. Chandigarh's Rock Garden is very well known for having been designed completely out of discarded industrial and urban waste. Leisure Valley is an 8-kilometre-long well-maintained park which houses Asia's largest rose garden, a very popular draw among tourists and locals alike.