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Bilaspur Tourism

Bilaspur is the second largest and third most populous district of Chattisgarh. It is the hub of electric power generation in India. Bilaspur is one of the places which generates highest revenues through railways. Chhattisgarh State High Court is situated here. Bilaspur is also famous for its aromatic rice called 'Doobraj Rice,' and textiles such as Tussar silk, cotton clothes, and handloom-weaved Kosa silk saris.
The varied and vibrant culture of Bilaspur adds many colors to the otherwise monochromatic city of coal mines. Bilaspur's rich heritage of archaeological sites and temples such as Pataleshwar temple, Devri temple, Dindeshwari temple in Malhar and Ratanpur, where one can also find ruins of ancient forts, attracts pilgrims to this area. The Chhattisgarh State High Court, located at village Bodri, District Bilaspur is the administrative headquarters of Bilaspur District.
This city is the commercial center and business hub of North East Chhattisgarh region. It is also an important city for the Indian Railways, as it is the headquarters for South East Central Railway Zone and the Bilaspur Railway Division. Bilaspur is 3rd cleanest and 4th longest railway station in India.