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A food tour is one of best ways to explore cuisine, sights and culture. It is a city tour, food walk, sightseeing, urban exploration and culinary tour of India city in one package. The eating part of the food tour include sampling different varieties of street food from various places in the itinerary. Food is all that you can eat, but we insist you to have a little of everything and enjoy the variety. We place a lot of stress on hygiene and only trusted and safe vendors which serve good and hygienic food are on our list. Apart from the usual and must see, the food tours cover some under-rated and less explored places of India which very few people know about. there are some food items which are staple food for almost all across the country. Rice and various types of Indian bread like, chappatis, rotis, naan, and puris are consumed along with side dishes of pulses, vegetables, meat, yogurt and pickles. The curries and gravies are the ones that mainly differ in each zone.