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The West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Limited (WBTDCL) is a state government agency which promotes tourism in West Bengal, India. It was incorporated on 29 April 1974 under the Companies Act, 1956

West Bengal, the gateway to eastern India is shrouded in history that dates back to antiquity. There are historic references to the state that are found in the Vedic annals as well as the chronicles of the Murayan, Gupta and Mughal eras and the musty archives of the Pala and Sena dynasties. The first traces of West Bengal's history are recorded to belong to the Vedic era when the state was inhabited by myriads of people of varying origin and ethnicity. The state was ruled by several chieftains during the epic Mahabharata period and was inhabited by the Aryans in the post-Vedic period that soon followed. West Bengal witnessed the flourishing prosperity of the Mauryan Empire as well as the efflorescence of the Gupta Golden Age. Among the various dynasties that established control over West Bengal, the Palas, Pundras and the Senas deserve special mention. The voluminous evidence of history cites references to the glorious Pala rule that spanned nearly 400 years.

Fairs & Festivals
West Bengal is the state of celebration and varieties. This culturally enriched state has lots to offer to her tourists. There are numerous occasions that make the land, a land of festivals and fairs. Fairs and Festivals of West Bengal are the main attractions when people from different parts of the world come and enjoy. The main feature of the fairs and festivals are that people from various parts of the world come and mish mashes with the true spirit of West Bengal’s celebration.

Best Time to Visit
West Bengal is best visited between October and March which is winter season in the state. Summers are scorching, and it is best to avoid any trip during this time. Between October and March, the weather is cold and pleasant, and one can enjoy a good time at the beaches as well as the hill stations. Most attractions in the state are open to the tourists only during these months, and one can get to see the brilliant monuments, heritage buildings and architectural marvels that the state houses.

How to Reach :-

planeBY AIR - There are two airports in West Bengal- Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, located in Kolkata and Bagdogra airport is a domestic airport located in Bagdogra city. Regular flights operate from major cities of the country and the world. From the airport, tourists can take trains, taxis or buses to reach their destination.

trainBY RAIL - The state is well-known for its good rail connectivity with different parts of the country. Main railheads are Howrah railway station and Sealdah railway station. Both the rail junctions are located in the capital city Kolkata. Then, there is New Jalpaiguri railway station, located near to Siliguri. Trains connect almost nook and corner of the state. Even, the Darjeeling Toy Train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a scenic rail journey taking to the hill station Darjeeling.

basBY ROAD - There is an extensive road network covering the state. The state is connected to different parts of the country via National and state highways. West Bengal is easily accessible via neighboring states like Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand.

West Bengal Tour Packages

West Bengal Tour Packages is one of those states that have witnessed the magical metamorphosis from being a land of impeccable culture, heritage and history to a contemporary metropolis laced with technology and chutzpah. West Bengal is an ideal destination for travelers who wish to have a peaceful vacation, exploring varied natural and man-made wonders. West Bengal Tour Packages by Tourism of India lets you explore and experiences all these wonders..