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Nagaland, the land of the hospitable and warm Nagas, lies in the corner of India's North-East bordering Myanmar. It has always evoked a sense of awe and wonder in the minds of people including the visitors. Although most of the Nagas have now become Christians, they still preserve the remnants of their early animist culture and ancient traditions. Tuophema Tourist Village Historically, the Nagas have always been brave warriors. They consider the safety and security of their guests as an honour and prestige and will never allow any harm to be done to any of their guests/visitors. Topographically, Nagaland is mostly a hilly region with a pleasant and salubrious climate throughout the year, except for a small region in the foothills. Nagas are by race, of the Mongoloid stock and speak Tibeto-Burman group of languages. But English and Hindi are widely spoken and language is no problem in Nagaland.

The State of Nagaland was formally inaugurated on December 1st, 1963, as the 16th State of the Indian Union. It is bounded by Assam in the West, Myanmar (Burma) on the east, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam on the North and Manipur in the South. The State consists of eleven Administrative Districts, inhabited by 16 major tribes along with other sub-tribes. Each tribe is distinct in character from the other in terms of customs, language and dress.
It is a land of folklore passed down the generations through word of mouth. Here, music is an integral part of life; folk songs eulogizing ancestors, the brave deeds of warriors and traditional heroes; poetic love songs immortalizing ancient tragic love stories; Gospel songs that touch your soul (should you have a religious bend of mind) or the modern tunes rendered exquisitely to set your feet a-tapping. Each of the 16 odd tribes and sub-tribes that dwell in this exotic hill State can easily be distinguished by the colorful and intricately designed costumes, jewellery and beads that they adorn. The present generations of Nagas have ventured into fashion designing in a big way, reproducing fabrics that represent the ancestral motifs blended with modern appeal. Indeed, it is a beautiful mix of the past with the present, a paradise for those who are into fashion designing. This is an affluent fashion station of the East.

Fairs & Festivals
Nagaland is aptly called the "Land of Festivals" since its people enjoy celebrating life in all its different aspects. Each month is marked by a festival organised by its various tribes.

Best Time to Visit
Nagaland consists of mountains and rivers, and this dictates its climatic conditions. The state sees high rainfall and humidity and this season is usually avoided by tourists because it is common to have landslides and road blockages during this time. Summers are cooler than the rest of India because of the high altitude and is ideal for visiting the forests and mountains of Nagaland. Winter is the preferable season since temperatures are low to moderate and touring the cities during this time is an absolute breeze.

How to Reach :-

planeBY AIR - Dimapur, at distance of around 75 km from Nagaland, is the closest domestic airport. Dimapur is well-connected to Guwahati and Kolkata. International travelers have to take connecting flights from Kolkata to Dimapur.

trainBY RAIL - Dimapur has a railway station on the main line of the North east Frontier Railway. It is well connected to Guwahati, with a number of trains that shuttle between the two stations every day.

basBY ROAD - All important towns and villages in the State are connected by the Nagaland State Transport Services (NST). NST also operates a Night Deluxe service from Dimapur to Guwahati, Shillong, Mokokchung. Nagaland have a good connectivity through National Highways and State Highways. A number of taxis ply from Dimapur to Kohima. Night buses connect Dimapur and Kohima to Guwahati and Shillong (Meghalaya).

Nagaland Tour Packages

Nagaland Tour Packages are specially designed and tailor made according to your needs making sure that all the top and the best attractions are covered so that you can relax and enjoy a memorable trip. The hilly region makes it a perfect place for adventurous activities like trekking, jungle camping and rock climbing. Exploring Nagaland is like unfolding secret pages of a history book and is real discovery of breathtaking and untouched natural beauty.