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Mizoram Tourism

Mizoram is a state in the northeast of India. Mizoram is considered by many as a beautiful place due to its dramatic landscape and pleasant climate. There have been many attempts to increase revenue through tourism but many potential tourists find the lack of amenities to be a hurdle. However, the State continues to promote itself and many projects have been initiated. The tourism ministry continues to maintain or upgrade its tourist lodges throughout the state. Foreign tourists are required to obtain an 'inner line permit' under the special permit before visiting. The permit can be obtained from Indian missions abroad for a limited number of days or direct from Mizoram Government authorities within India. The state is rich in bird diversity, which has the potentiality to make it a major birding destination. For Mrs Hume's pheasant (Syrmaticus humiae), Mizoram is a stronghold. There is also a rare record of the wild water buffalo from the state. There are several past records of the Sumatran rhinoceros from Mizoram, then Lushai Hills. The small population of wild elephants can be seen in Ngengpui and Dampa Sanctuaries. Some of the interesting sites are Mizo Poets' Square also known as Mizo Hlakungpui Mual in Mizo, the Great Megaliths locally known as 'Kawtchhuah Ropui'.

The history of Mizoram basically encompasses the history of Mizoram which lies in the remotest part of northeast India. It is a conglomerate history of several ethnic groups of Chin people who migrated from Chin State of Burma. But information of their patterns of westward migration are based on oral history and archaeological inferences, hence nothing definite can be said. The recorded history started relatively recently around the mid-19th century when the adjoining regions were occupied by the British monarchy. The land is now inhabited by a mixture of people from Chin Hills and Bangladesh and its history is therefore largely reflected by those of Lusei, Hmar, Lai, Mara and Chakmas tribes. Following religious, political and cultural revolutions in the mid-20th century majority of the people agglomerated into a super tribe, Mizo. Hence the officially recognised settlement of the Mizos became Mizoram.

Fairs & Festivals
Festivals of Mizoram are full of splendid gaiety and are a great insight to the rich cultural heritage of the Mizos. The festivals are celebrated with pomp and fervor and traditional dances form a major part of the celebrations. And, since agriculture plays a significant role in the lives of people, almost all these festivals of Mizoram are centered on agriculture: the sowing, the harvesting, the seasonal cycles etc.

Best Time to Visit
Mizoram witnesses three seasons- summer, winter and monsoon. However, extreme temperatures are not observed in any of the seasons. Summer starts in March and then monsoon season starts taking over from May onwards. Winter is the best time to explore the state. The cool weather along with lovely landscapes will swoon you. The temperature during this period remains in perfect range for travellers.

How to Reach :-

planeBY AIR - Lengpui Airport is the only airport located near Aizawl and is connected by flights from Kolkata, Guwahati and Imphal. Mizoram can also be reached from Kolkata via Silchar Airport which is 200 kms from Aizawl.

trainBY RAIL - the closest railway stataion for Aizwal is Silchar in Assam. There are many trains from Guwahati also which take 19 hours to reach Aizwal.

basBY ROAD - Mizoram have a good road network and connects all the major cities and villages. Mizoram is connected to Silchar and Shillong through National Highway NH 54. NH-150 connects the state with Seling Mizoram to Imphal Manipur and NH-40A links the State with Tripura. Distance from Aizwal to Guwahati is 506 Km, Imphal is 374 Km, Kohima is 479 km, Shillong is 450 km, Agartala is 443 km.

Mizoram Tour Packages

Mizoram Tour is also known for its rich flora and fauna and handicrafts. Major tourist attractions of Mizoram, such as Aizawl,Champhai, Serchhip, Lunglei and Lawngtlai allure tourists from all over the world. All these attractions are so beautiful that they deserve a visit from every tourist.