Assam Tourism

Assam is poised to become one of the greatest tourism hotspots in the days to come, as it has vast expanses of green natural surroundings and an abundant wildlife and bird-life. The famed tea gardens of Hathkhuli and Behora are among the prominent attractions that are visited by plenty of travelers every year. Many of them are all praise for the traditional “Bihu” folk dance which is performed during festive seasons or cultural events at some of the hotels and resorts. People who wish to shop for souvenirs and gift items can explore the stores that sell local handicrafts. Items such as local lady sarong and local shawl (gamcha) are among the most preferred articles that tourists of Assam purchase from such stores. In recent times, eco-tourism is gaining popularity among the travelers who come from different parts of the world to explore the flora and fauna of rainforests.

History –

The history of Assam is the history of a confluence of people from the east, west and the north; the confluence of the Tibeto-Burman (Sino-Tibetan), Indo-Aryan and Austroasiatic cultures. Although invaded over the centuries, it was never a vassal or a colony to an external power until the third Burmese invasion in 1821, and, subsequently, the British ingress into Assam in 1824 during the First Anglo-Burmese War. The Assamese history has been derived from multiple sources. The Ahom kingdom of medieval Assam maintained chronicles, called Buranjis, written in the Ahom and the Assamese languages. History of ancient Assam comes from a corpus of Kamarupa inscriptions on rock, copper plates, clay; royal grants, etc. that the Kamarupa kings issued during their reign. Protohistory has been reconstructed from folklore: epics like Mahabharata, and two medieval texts compiled in the Assam region—the Kalika Purana and the Yogini Tantra.

Places To visit in Assam –

here are so many places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, here are some one of them – Guwahati , Kaziranga National Park, Hajo, Haflong, Tea Gardens etc.

Tour Packages –

Assam, a destination with a variety of attractions including beaches, hills, wildlife, forests and temples. The state has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its rich history, architecture and culture. However, the best way to ensure a hassle free and great tour is to get it from a tour operator which has a high level of expertise and experience in this sector. We are a leading tour operator company. Visit our website and book customize tour packages as per your demand. We never compromise in our service.

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